Terms of Service

About these Terms

These are our terms and conditions. If you access AI Sensei, we assume you accept them in full. If you don't, please don't continue to use AI Sensei.

We have the right to change this website and these Terms of Service in the future. We will notify you of any substantial changes the next time you use AI Sensei. However, it is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions for changes yourself. By continuing to use AI Sensei, you accept the modified terms.

These terms control the relationship between the owners of ai-sensei.com (see "Legal Notice") and you. They do not create any third-party rights or claims.

German law is applied to these terms or service. This does not affect any consumer rights you may be entitled to by the laws of your country of residence.

If any of these terms is held to be illegal or invalid, it will be replaced by the valid term closest in meaning to the original terms. The validity of other terms is not affected by this.

Free Contents

AI Sensei offers a lot of game reviews, news articles, etc. These contents can be used without the need to register or log in. However, this content may be modified or removed at any time.


By registering an account, you assure to use that account for yourself only and not share it with other users. You also need to make sure to not disclose your password to other people.

To register, you need to have reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction. Minors may only use AI Sensei under supervision by an adult.

Buying Subscriptions

By buying subscriptions on this site, a contract is made between you and the site owner (see "Legal Notice"). The purpose of this contract is selling automated game reviews with the use of Leela Zero or similar Go AIs.

Warranty / Disclaimers

After buying subscriptions, within the next 14 days you are allowed to return them and get your money back if no games have been uploaded from the new subscription yet. In this case, send a refund request to [email protected]. You can use this template and replace the square brackets with the corresponding data:

Refund Request

I, [name], hereby want to return the [subscription type] subscription bought on [date].

Apart from what is specified here, we do not make any commitments about the content, quality, availability, reliabiliy, or usefulness of our services. Depending on your jurisdiction, additional warranties might be required by law. However, to the extend permitted by law, we exclude all further warranties.

Uploading Games

With the previously bought subscription, you acquired the right to upload SGF files of games and receive automated reviews for them. However, the upload might be rejected if deemed invalid by our software.

We might enforce an upload limit to prevent abuse. This limit won't affect any reasonable usage.

Analysis Speed

Usually, a review should take about 5 minutes to finish. However, due to high demand, server problems or other issues, there might be cases where it takes longer. Thus we won't guarantee any review speed at all.

If your review does get stuck for a long time, please send us an email for support.

Analysis Correctness

Although the AIs we use are usually playing at super human strength, there can always be mistakes. We do not give any guarantees regarding the correctness of any of the analysis.

Review Downloads

Review SGF files downloaded from AI Sensei are meant for private, non-commercial purposes only. A written permission is required for any other means of use.


You are not allowed to use AI Sensei for cheating on Go servers or in tournaments. We might investigate any cheating claims that come to our attention by looking at the games in question. If we come to the conclusion that you cheated, we might share that information with the tournament organizer / Go server staff in question. We might also exclude you from the website completely, even if you still own a subscription.

Seriously, just don't cheat!

Termination of these Services

If we decide to stop offering these services, we will notify you 6 months in advance to give you enough time to use your subscription and download all of your reviews. This doesn't apply if we are forced to shut it down because of bankruptcy, a law suit or the threat of it.


Unless required by law, we wil not be responsible for any losses or negative consequences that arise from using our services.

The total liability of us or our suppliers and distributors is limited to the amount actually paid to us for any claims under these terms.

We will in no case be liable for any loss or damage that wasn't reasonable foreseeable.

Business uses

When using this website on as a business or on behalf of a business, that business accepts these terms and conditions. It will relieve us and all our affiliates, employees, officers and agents from any claim, action, or suit arising from the use of our services. This includes any liability or expense from losses, damages, claims, actions, suits, litigation costs and attorneys' fees.